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Welcome to Online Horse Race Betting where our customers can enjoy betting on their favorite jockeys and their respective horses during real-time events.

Horse racing, an equestrian sport, was made popular in Malaysia by the arrival and introduction of British traders around the 1800s. Despite being a sport introduced by foreigners, to this day it remains a longstanding and successful sporting event in the country. To exemplify its long embedded heritage within Malaysian culture, the sport barely saw a decline in contrast to when the rest of Southeast Asia was. In addition, it brought the country back on its feet due to its impact on the economy and thus providing job opportunities for the locals. Clubs within Malaysia are proud to call the sport their own and you can indulge and experience exactly the same thrill as they do by taking part here on UW88 right now!

Betting Zone: Tipping Record

At UW88, we will provide you useful information before making your own bets - intelligently.

Three things are vital in making a bet which must be taken into consideration. These include:

Odds of Winning: You will encounter odds such as 1/3, 1/4, 6/5 and the like. Knowing how to calculate and applying it gives you a great approach on how to bet properly. How to calculate the fractions will be exemplified in the additional tips section.

Types of Wagers: There are several types of wagers you can make - the way you get your money. To mention a few, these include Show, Place, and Win. For multiple bets on multiple horses, you can choose from Daily Double, Pick 3 and to give yourself an even riskier yet high, payable outcome - Quinella to Superfecta or Pick 6! High-risk high reward is the name of the game at this point.

Racer’s Statistics: To even add confidence and to solidify your bets, you need to research about the horses for the race. There are many ways to find out such as watching past races, reading articles and information of the jockey and their horse - the works. Everything is readily available online which works perfectly with UW88 as you will be able to read, predict and bet real-time without missing a beat.

Taking Note of Past Horse Race Results to Make Better Bets

When betting on a horse and their respective jockeys, it is good practice to get yourself informed of their past performances. This ranges from wins to losses to even if they were beaten despite being the favorite. This is best seen on race cards which will we will delve into detail further later.

Another thing to note is the class level the horse is racing and has been racing at. As there are different classes, be meticulous in understanding how well a horse performed in its class and if it has been bumped up a class or not. An example would be a horse which has been performing so well, that it was decided to go up a level. However now, despite its seemingly flawless record, it is in competition with ‘better’ horses and may very well have the chance of losing the race.

By contrast, a horse which has dropped in class must also be taken into consideration. This is an indication that the performance has deteriorated and it is often advised to avoid betting in these cases. Things like these are important to keep in mind.

The Use of Race cards and Chiming in at Anytime

Using race cards effectively is very important as they provide all the details of a specific race, the runners, the time it took place, the prize money, distance and the going. A thing to note is that a lot of abbreviations are used, which may seem daunting but achievable with time and the desire to become an effective better. In the past, it was available on paper, but now one is able to simply go online and check the latest race cards to be well informed.

Things to check when reading a race card:

  1. Form: This is the horse’s overall performance derived from how well it did in past races so far. One is able to see what position it had in past races. From here it can help you decide which horse to pick.

  1. Abbreviations: There are several abbreviations as mentioned before, however crucial ones include the letters C and D. C meaning it was a victory in the past, and D being it won at a distance similar to that mentioned race. Keep a look out for these letters as they may very well be your ticket to winning your next bet!

Once you have read these specific details on a race card, it would be a good idea to immediately book your bet to lock in the deal.

Other Tips Include:

  1. Listen in to handicappers who may be part time commentators T. hey know the horse since they added the handicaps, so getting information from them may prove very useful.
  2. Remember that crowd favorites (riders) such as those within the top 10 are more likely to win than an underdog, your chances are better there but be prepared for anything.
  3. Determine the odds seen on the race cards. A good understanding of the odds present allows you to make proper choices. To determine your winning chances, follow this formula: Add the first number then divide that result (as the denominator) with the second number. This will give you a decimal which can be converted into a percentage.
  4. Condition of the track is also a major determining factor to good decision making. A horse that was trained on wet tracks may not perform as well on dry tracks and vice versa. This usually requires a bit of extra research in the background of the horse and trainer, but could prove very useful. Often an overlooked feature, it may indeed be one that will further help you in betting if it is taken into consideration.

Hopefully, with this information, you now have the information and the provided tools needed to start betting smart and winning on UW88! Let's register an account right  now.... Best of luck fellow bettor!